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English Teachers, Unite!
One thing I've learned in 20 + years teaching 7-12 ELA is that we can't do this teaching thing alone. Teaching takes time, practice, trial and error, and collaboration. If you feel at home here, if you want to share high impact, innovative, and engaging ideas that make you feel less alone and more excited to step into your classroom, then be sure to sign up for my email list. 
What to expect when you sign up:
  1. A welcome email with five free downloads to get you started: lesson plans, resources, and my favorite empowering posters for your classroom. 
  2. Weekly emails with tips, tricks, ideas, lesson plans, and inspiration!
  3. Be the first to know when blog posts are published. My posts always include easy, actionable steps to improving as an English teacher, whether it's by saving grading time or empowering your students in new ways.
Learn and grow together: I know we're better when we can collaborate in a judgement-free space where we can ask questions, share ideas, and share resources... and maybe occasionally vent! 

Thanks for submitting. Check your email for your five free downloads. Enjoy!

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