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Standards Based Learning

One of the most impactful shifts you can make to transform your experiences as an educator is moving to Standards Based Learning and Grading. This page is home to everything you need to know to get your feet wet without getting overwhelmed. Read the posts and comment with any questions. I'm here to help! 


4 Alternatives to Late Points

Late points are part of a larger system that needs to shift. In a standards based learning classroom, the focus is on feedback and learning over grades. There are still consequences, but the door to learning is ALWAYS open and grades are not skewed by behaviors; grades are a true measure of understanding.

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Everything you need to know about Standards Based Grading

Changing the way we grade is scary because we know how much it matters; however, our students deserve better. These tips will help you ease into standards based grading in a practical way that benefits everyone.


5 ways to cut your grading time in half (really!)

Grading essays is the most daunting task for many educators. It is timely. It requires concentration. It requires analysis. Luckily, there is hope. Here are five tried and true methods that will help save you grading time.

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