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Unsure of where to start when planning your lessons? The Lesson Planning Resource Center is here to help! You will find everything you need to STEP UP your lesson planning AND save time. The STEP UP system is simple: 

  • S = standards: Choose 1-3 target standards.

  • T = text: Choose a high-interest text. 

  • E = engage: Choose an engaging topic to hook students' attention.

  • P = plan: Start by planning summative assessments. Then, build the lessons that will prepare students for the end game!

  • UP = Get kids on their feet and moving!


S.T.E.P. Up Lesson Planning

UP: Get kids on their feet!

Plan on-your-feet learning experiences to make learning active! Here are a few ideas: 

S.T.E.P. Up Lesson Idea

Standard RL 1

Copy of Standards Based Planning.jpg
Standards Based Planning.jpg

Unit Planning Template

S.T.E.P. Up your lessons with this free template!

Every lesson I plan starts with the standards. This unit planning template will help you to plan units that are both MEANINGFUL and ENGAGING. 

Grab your free template here: 

Standards Based & Engaging Lessons & Resources done for you! 

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