The Cheapest Classroom Decor Ever

Let's be honest, secondary teachers aren't known for their adorable classrooms. We're too busy grading millions of essays (only a slight hyperbole). However, with the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, lots of teachers are stepping up their game, realizing that creating a comfortable environment where students can cozy up to a good book can benefit everyone. 

As teachers, you spend most of your weekdays (and some weekends) in your classroom, so you might as well spruce it up and make it feel like what it is: a second home. Here's a cheap and easy way to get the job done:

1. Use old books

Like many ELA teachers, I had quite a few falling-apart books that I didn't have the heart to drop in the recycling bin. With the help of a large paper cutter and some glue sticks, I decorated all of my bulletin boards and my classroom library.

I stapled book pages to almost every bulletin board space. In my classroom library, I used old book pages to cover the faded book boxes where I arrange books by author's last name. On the other shelves, I used old IKEA frames I had lying around my house. I put a book page in the background and printed a genre label for each section.

In addition to book pages, I also used entire books and simply stapled the front and back few pages to a bulletin board to secure them. 

Last, I created book chandeliers using two books stapled cover to cover. I threaded a string between the spines of both books, tied a knot, and attached them to the ceiling with a paper clip: